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The EMBA program at Beihang University was initiated in 2009, with the endorsement from the State Council. The program targets on top managers with international vision, innovative capacity, strong leadership, and adept analytical skills. Through years of development, Beihang EMBA program has become a quite influential one across mainland China. The program is characterized by its unique curriculum that emphasizes on strategic elevation, globalization, and strong leadership.

The world is now re-shaped by a trend of “Internet Plus” and “Industry 4.0”, which is also called the third industrial revolution. In view of the radical transformation this new trend imposed on industrial development, Beihang EMBA program integrates comprehensive industrial and information courses in its curriculum, which respectively focus on the strategic transformation of Chinese industry, the integration of industry and IT, smart production, big data analysis, and internet applications. The new course design provides a channel for executive leaders to reach the cut-edging trend in technology and information development, and allows them to seek self-break throughs in the new era. In the meantime, the EMBA program at Beihang University borrows quite a lot of technological strengths that are scattered around every corner of the campus, and builds up another special EMBA program that focuses on the whole industrial chain of aeronautics and astronautics, which incorporates all the unique courses, lecturers, industrial alumni network, and international collaboration. Now the Beihang EMBA program has been featured for its specialty in industrial advancement, information technology, big data, and aeronautics and astronautics analysis, which make SEM a special based for executive training in the above fields.

The Beihang EMBA program is also unique for its innovative teaching mode that emphasizes on case studies, experiment teaching, and practical learning. At SEM, both teachers and students are actively participating in case study and case development, and their efforts are supported by collaboration with high-end international case research institutes. In addition, the SEM hosts seven experiment teaching platforms and one experiment teaching centers, which are endorsed by the Ministry of Education and the Municipal Government of Beijing. Meanwhile, thanks to the program’s strong and diversified alumni network in the industries of finance, information technology, food retails, and aeronautics and astronautics, we build multiple practical learning centers in those industries, which would facilitate our on-spot teaching and enterprise tours. In sum, Beihang EMBA program could provide senior and mid-career executives with strong support in technological advice and strong connection with leaders in related industries.

Through the eight years since its establishment, 400 executives have graduated from Beihang EMBA program. Among them, 33% are head of an enterprise, 27% are associate presidents or CEOs, and 31% are mid-career executives, and most of them come from the industries of finance, commercial trading, real estate, telecom, energy management, and aeronautics and astronautics.

Beihang EMBA program applies a flexible learning style, which combines the formal course learning with common culture cultivation, welcome reception, outdoor leadership training, overseas learning, and business workshops.

In 2015, we welcome the foundation of Beihang EMBA alumni association, which not only helps realization self-management among EMBA program participants but also strengthen the network among those executives. Beihang EMBA program also use a variety of extracurricular activities, such as “second classroom”, “high-end talks”, and “group charity”, to supplement the technological program’s humanities.

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