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Executive Education

Executive Education (EE) is a non-degree training program set up to meet senior executives’ needs of knowledge renewal and life-long learning. Compared to MBA and EMBA, EE is more flexible, focused and practical. Its content and forms are also more diverse. By customizing for different types of organizations, keeping students at the center and orienting the program with organizations’ needs, EE programs can facilitate continuous development of individual qualities and organizational performance.

Corporate management: key management courses, leadership, marketing management, financial management, human resources management, studies of Chinese ancient civilization and management

Public management: “Special session: 18thCPC National Congress ”, public policy and executive management, economic management and industrial development, urban management

Aeronautical and astronautic senior management featured courses: aeronautical and astronautic industries module and civil aviation transportation industry module

Big data: big data technology, big data analysis, and big data management

Smart city: cloud computing management technology, smart city and government

Financial and capital operation: financial market and enterprise capital strategies, corporate financing practices, credit risk management and insurance, corporate merger and acquisition, principles of financial investment and risk management, venture capital investment and private equity investment

Project management: basis practical application of project management, improvement of project management special skills, improvement of management soft skills for project managers, organization and construction of project management system, project management consultancy, etc.

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