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Beihang MBA education program was established in 1998. The objective is to cultivate management talents and equip students with economic and management knowledge, professional skills, pioneering and cooperation spirits. Adhering to the university motto i.e., “Pursuit of ability and political integrity and the unity of knowledge and action”, Beihang MBA education program focuses on improving education quality and strives to build MBA program with the best teamwork spirits. After 19 years’ development, Beihang MBA education program has become one of the most outstanding MBA education programs in China.

To promote education reforms and explore new education directions, Beihang MBA has been the first MBA program in Beijing to launch the policy of early interview since 2009. This innovation is to carry out the guidelines of evaluating students’ comprehensive quality and to attract the outstanding students. In 2010, Chinese Ministry of Education launched the Pilot Program of Comprehensive Reform in National Postgraduate Education. Beihang University stood out from the 236 MBA training institutions and was selected as 1 out of 18 pilot institutions for comprehensive reform of MBA programs. Beihang MBA education program ranked in the top 30% among all the evaluated MBA education programs and was rewarded as the excellent MBA education program.

Beihang MBA education program seeks to reinforce the foundation of teaching quality and strengthen the quality of curriculum system. Responding tosocial development trendsand China’s socioeconomic conditions, Beihang MBA program continuously develop its curriculum system to meet the latest market requirements. Beihang MBA’s high quality curriculum system is supported by rich education resources in the school of economics and management (SEM) of Beihang University and SEM’s advantageous disciplines, including Management Science and Engineering, Financial Engineering, Behavioral and Operations Management and Marketing, etc. The main education approaches of Beihang MBA include case teaching, experimental teaching and practical teaching. The integration of these three education approaches is an innovation of Beijing MBA. It creates new teaching model named as “Cases, Experiments and Practice Education”, which builds an effective learning and communication platform by motivating students a deep participation and diversified experience. 

Beihang MBA program has a strong faculty team with knowledgeable and experienced teachers. Our faculty members are equipped with a high academic and professional level, rigorous and pragmatic spirits, and rich enterprise management experience. Most of them have an experience of overseas research collaboration or overseas study in prestigious universities. They integrate management theory into the “cases, experiments and practice” teaching model. Our first-class faculty team guarantees first-class teaching quality. From global business perspectives, Beihang MBA education program actively promotes the cooperation with the world’s top universities and first-class enterprises. We develop several MBA overseas exchange programs to provide students high-quality platforms for cultivating their international perspectives and advanced management ideas. In recent years, the global university cooperation includes mutual visits, exchanging students, academic exchanges, etc. Beihang MBA have established cooperation platforms withmore than ten business schools of overseas universities, including Schulich School of Business, School of Management of Politecnico di Milano, Grenoble Ecole de Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, etc.  

Beihang MBA education program has cultivated more than 3000 graduates. The MBA alumni association is established for expanding networks and sharing abundant alumni recourses. In recent years, the alumni association has made significant contributions to integrate alumni resources. We establish a number of alumni branches in South China, East China and North China and alumni chapters in key cities including Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang, etc. are founded. Nine industry clubs are established to promote alumni communication. In 2015, responding to the government’s call for “public entrepreneurship and innovation”, MBA alumni association launched alumni entrepreneur union and alumni enterprises incubators. The alumni association inherits and carries forward the excellent culture and traditions Beihang MBA. They seek to enhance the cohesion of BeihangMBAalumni, fulfill the Beihang spirit, and provide lifetime service for the success of alumni.  

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