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Master of Engineering

Beihang SEM started to offer Master of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering

Project Management in 1977 and Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering in 2000. Later in 2003, the school became one of the first two universities approved to offer the Master of Engineering degree in Project Management. After that, the school was continuously approved to offer the Master of Engineering degree in Logistics Engineering in 2004, and in 2008, it started to offer the PhD program in project management.

A Master of Engineering degree with engineering qualifications links to the professional degree. It is at the same level with a Master’s Degree in Engineering, but emphasizes particularly on the engineering applications. The program allows participants to maintain their job responsibilities while studying. All participants will receive professional trainings to fulfill the requirement of courses. The thesis is required to focus on studying and solving technical problems related to on-the-job practical situations.

Beihang SEM has almost 100 faculty members, who have rich experiences in educating professional degree of Master of Engineering. By August 2009, there have been 90 professors included in this program. Number of full professors account for 33.3%; associate professors, 50.0%; and assistant professors (with Doctorate degree), 16.7%. Through years of practice, Master of Engineering Education Center (MEEC) has accumulated rich experiences and gained much confidence on educating working professionals in the degree program of Master of Engineering. Rooted in the fertile soil of research in BUAA and with a reputation of rigorous study style and excellent teaching and service quality,MEEC has trained a large number of first-class project management specialists who have a deep understanding of economy, management, and project operation. So far, the accumulated enrollment has been 2021. 962 students passed their thesis defense and got professional degrees in Master of Engineering. 7 received the Outstanding Master's Thesis Award. MEEC has cultivated a large number of interdisciplinary professionals for the nation, who work in a wide variety of industries such as national defense, aerospace, IT, construction andothers. These talented professionals have made significant contributions to China's economic development.

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