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Master of Finance

Since 2011, BUAA School of Economics and Management has started to cultivate innovating and enterprising inter-disciplinary high-level talents who are capable of taking on practical jobs in finance. These students are trained as full-time professional master in finance and international business set up with the resources from Department of Applied Economics. Many teaching methods, including theory teaching, frontier-practice teaching, case-oriented teaching, experiment simulation teaching, are adopted to equip students with broad theoretical base and solid professional knowledge in economics, finance, management and modern econometrics. The program promotes not only basic training in financial engineering, risk management, computer software, statistical software, data mining, but also theoretical training in financial theories and polices, corporate merger, advanced investing and corporate financing. Nurturing of practical skills is highlighted, demonstrable in the program’s special Applied Economics Practical Forum, which is entirely led by experts in the related fields. The program also attaches much attention to developing comprehensive strengths of the students. The “Annual Meeting of Master of Finance” and “Weekend Forum of Master of Finance” are regularly held, contributing to the formation of a training mode with scientific and engineering characteristics for professional master of finance that unites theories, methodology and technology and frontier practicing.

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