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Ph.D. in Corporate Finance,Renmin University of China,2010.

M.A. in Finance,Beijing Technology and Business University,2007.

B.Sc. in Economics,Jilin University,2003


Assistant Professor,Director,the Department of Accounting,School of Economics and Management,BeiHang University,2010-present.

Postdoctoral Research Staff,The Chinese University of Hong Kong,2010-2011

Research Interests

Corporate Finance and Behavioral Finance,

Capital Operation and Corporate Governance,

Management Accounting and Tax Planing

Courses Taught

Undergraduate:Corporate Finance

Postgraduate:Corporate Finance

MBA:Corporate Finance;Stock Market and Capital Operation;Financial Statement Analysis

Honors & Awards

1.The Excellent Doctor Dissertation Award,Renmin University of China,China,2011.

Research Projects

1.Investor Sentiment、Private Placements and Wealth Effect,MOE (Ministry of Education in China) Project of Humanities and Social Sciences (Grant No. 11YJC630037),Principal Investigator,01/2012-12/2014.

Journal Articles

1.Deng,L.,Li,S.F.,Wu,W.X.,2011.Market discounts and announcements effects of private placements:evidence from China.Applied Economics Letters 18:1411-1414.(SSCI)

2.Deng,L.,Liu,R.,2012.A review of studies on heterogeneous beliefs and corporate finance decisions.Economic Perspective 4:138-142.(CSSCI)

3.Deng,L.,Wang,H.C.,2012.Control structure,information asymmetry and private equity placement.Finance & Trade Economics 4:66-74.(CSSCI)

4.Yang,D.Y.,Deng,L.,2011.Private placement of equity financing:theory analysis and empirical evidence.Economic Perspective 9:150-155.(CSSCI)

5.Wang,H.C.,Jiang,Y.X.,Wang,S.S.,Zhang,W.H.,Deng,L.,Internal capital market research based on Chinese background:theory framework and research prospects.Accounting Research 7:28-37.(CSSCI)

6.Deng,L.,Wang,H.C.,Li,S.F.,2011.Long-run performance following private placements of equity:investor overoptimism or investor underreaction?China Soft Science,6:167-177.(CSSCI)

7.Deng,L.,Wang,S.S.,Yang,D.Y.,2011.Cash-flow uncertainty and the signaling effect of cash dividend announcement.Finance & Trade Economics 2:62-68.(CSSCI)

8.Deng,L.,2010.A review on evolution of seasoned equity offerings of listed companies in China.Public Finance Research 12:58-61.(CSSCI).

9.Wang,H.C.,Sun,J.,Deng,L.,Lu,C.,2010.Do investors over-optimistic during the control transfering?Management Word 2:38-45.(CSSCI)

10.Deng,L.,Wang,S.S.,2010.Comparison on private equity placement rules between China and America.Public Finance Research 3:77-79.(CSSCI)

11.Wang,S.S.,Deng,L.,Wang,H.C.,2010.Stock market cycle,corporate features and the signaling effect of cash dividend announcement.Contemporary Finance & Economics 5:117-124.(CSSCI)

Working Papers

1.Dividend and Investment with Uncertain Cash Flow

2.Dividend and earnings quality:Evidence from China

3.Informal Finance,Institutional Factor and Regional Economic Growth

4.The choice of Private Equity Placement:Based on Investor Heterogeneous Beliefs

Sina Weibo:http://weibo.com/denglu1979