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Name:BAI Shengling
Tel No.:82339359  
Title: Associate Professor
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Associate Professor, Graduate Student Tutor, in School of Economics and Management of Beihang University. She graduated from Nankai University Economic Research Institute in 1992 and received a Master's Degree in Economics. Currently, the courses offered by Ms. Bai to graduate students, MBA students and Master of Engineering students include "International Trade Policy and Practice", "Tax Theory and Practice" and "Tax Law and Taxation Planning"; the courses offered by Ms. Bai to undergraduates include "International Tax", "International Trade Practice" and "Finance". Her main research directions are: 1. project risk management and control; 2. international trade practice hot issues. She has guided dozens of graduate students, most of whom achieved excellent performance in thesis papers, including three students who won Beihang University Graduate Outstanding Thesis Prize.

She has presided over 8 ministerial-level research projects in project risk management for National Defense 863 Fund, Pre-research Fund, Aviation Fund and 2 enterprise consulting projects. She also published dozens of papers in the domestic core academic journals and international conferences.