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Name:CHEN Xiangdong
Tel No.:82316145 
Email: chenxdng@vip.sina.cn
Title: Professor
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Dr.Chen, Xiangdong is a full professor at the School of Economics and Management, Beihang University, Beijing, China, inthe fields of international technology transfer and innovation studies. His major teaching subjects in recent years include international economics, international finance, international business management, international technology transfer, and innovation management; his major research fields in recent years are in Intellectual Property Management, patent evaluation, patent based emerging technologies, university-industrial technology transfer, and regional as well as national innovation system.

Education and international studies and collaborative research

Bachelor degree on Engineering,from dept. of Industrial Automation at Northeast University, China, 1982

Master degree on Philosophy of Science and Technology, from Social and Technology Research Center, at Northeast University, China, 1988

Doctor degree on Economics and Social Science, from Dept. of Social Science, University of Potsdam,Germany, 2014

Visiting Scholar at Manchester Business School, UK. 1992-1993

Visiting Professor at NanteGraduate School of Management, France. 1999

Visiting Professor at University of Potsdam, Germany; 2001, 2009.

Visiting Research Fellow at City University of Hong Kong, China, 2003, 2004, 2009

Visiting Professor at NISTEP, Japan; 2006.

Visiting Professor at KIEP, Korea. 2007

Teaching inEnglish

Invited lecturer at Law School, University of Maastricht, Netherland, a teaching course on Intellectual Property Management and Innovation 2011

Invited lecturer at Portland State University, USA, a teaching course on international technologytransfer. 2010, 2013

Invited Lecturer in MBA program in Beijing, organized by Melbourne Business School, Australia, ateaching courses on International Finance. 2008-2010

Invited Lecturer in Master Program from La Rochelle Business School, France, a teaching course on International Business Management in China.2015-2017

Lecturing in English for overseas students at Beihang University on international finance, international businessmanagement. 2005-2016  

Professor Chen was invited as Keynote Speaker at numbers of international conferences and workshops in USA, Germany, Canada, Netherland,United Kingdom, Brazil, Finland, Sweden, Japan, Korea, and China.

Major publications:

Typicalchapters in scientific books in English:

[1]Xiangdong Chen,et al.,Patent-Information Based Study onPatenting Behavior inChina, inKC LiuU Racherlaedited, <Innovation and IPR in China and India -- Myths, Realitiesand Opportunities,China-EU Law Series>, Springer, 2016.

[2]Xiangdong Chen, et al.,China as entrepreneurs and their ability to access global resources in high tech sectors,inM MckelveyS Bagchi-Senedited <Innovation Spaces in Asia: Entrepreneurs, Multinational Enterprises and Policy>Edward Elgar, 2015.

[3] Xiangdong Chen, et al, Chinese geographical based innovation clustering -Major driving forces and their functions,inU Hilpertedited <Routledge Handbook of Politics and Technology>,Routledge, 2016.

[4]Xiangdong Chen,Guido Reger, “Technology-based Investment of German Firms in China – Motivesand Nature”, in M. Hashen Shenf and T.M. Khalil (Ediors),<Management of Technology: New Direction in Technology Management>, Elsevier,2007, pp 215-232.

[5]CHEN,Xiangdong,, Guido Reger, “Foreign Direct Investment of German Chemical and Pharmaceutical Firms in China”,Gunter Festel, Editor, <The Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry in China>, Springer, July, 2005.

Publishedpapers in English:

[1] Shuang Song*[1],Xiangdong Chen, Gupeng Zhang,Structure of Small World Innovation Network and Learning Performance,<Mathematical Problems in Engineering> 2014(1)Pp1-12, 2014

[2] Zhang Gupeng*,Chen Xiangdong.The Value of Invention Patents in China: Country Origin and Technology Field Differences.<China Economic Review>, 2012, 29(2): 357-370.

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[12]CHEN,Xiangdong,LIU, Xiao-qing*,“TechnologyConvergence & Divergence: Empirical Investigation of Patenting Technologyin Electronic Sectors in China”,The Proceedings of 8thInternationalConference on IndustrialManagement(ICIM),China Aviation Industrial Press, 2006.ISTPindexed

[13]CHEN,Xiangdong, Wang,Lei*,“International Comparative Study on Un-evenlyDistribution of Innovation among the US, Japan, and China”, 15thIAMOT conference, Tsing Hua University, China, May, 2006.

[14]CHEN,Xiangdong, HA, Ni-li*,“Triad structured competition: Patenting technology in Chinafrom the US, European, and Japanese sources”,PICMET conference,PortlandStateUniversity, July, 2005.

[15]CHEN,Xiangdong,Ha, Ni-li*,Distribution Pattern of Technology Resources amongMainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong in China--- Investigation of Patenting-based Innovation”,Innovation Systems in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland -- Conference organized by the Technology Policy Research Group, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST),January 2005.

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[24]SalimChahine,Xiangdong Chen:“Information and Trading Strategy around Public Announcement in the Chinese Market”,the 3rdAnnual American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences (ASBBS) International Conference, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. August, 2000.

There are also about 50 publications in Chinese keyscientific journals since 2000.

[1]Authors with * are PhD students at the timeunder Prof. Chen, Xiangdong’s supervision.