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Name:Wu Chunlin


Chunlin Wu


Address:School of Economics and Management, Beihang University, 37 Xueyuan Road,

HaidianDistrict, Beijing 100191, China.

Brief Biography:

Chunlin Wu is anassistant professor in the Dept. of Construction Management, School of Economics and Management, Beihang University (Beijing University of Aeronauticsand Astronautics). He earned his PhD degree in Engineering at TsinghuaUniversity, and has bachelor degrees in both management and English. He haspublished almost 30 academic papers, including 19 papers on top SCI/SSCI internationaljournals. He serves as corresponding reviewers for many top journals, includingJournal of Cleaner Production, Journal of Business Ethics, Safety Science, etc.He has participated in three projects of National Natural Science Foundation ofChina (NSFC) and nine consultant projects from major national enterprises. As theacademic elite, he worked on many industry-study-research projects for ShanghaiRailway Bureau, Hangzhou municipalgovernment, Shenzhenmunicipal government, Power Construction Corporation of China, and ChinaResources Land Limited. He has broadly conducted academic cooperation withexperts from home and abroad, and he has a long-term cooperation with expertsfrom the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, etc.  


Educationand Employment:

·          2017.12 – now, Visiting Scholar, Dept.of Construction Management, College of Engineering, Louisiana State University,USA

·          2016,07 – now, Assistant Professor,School of Economics and Management, Beihang University, China

·          2015.03 – 2015.08, Visiting Scholar,College of Engineering, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

·          2011.08 – 2016.07, Ph.D., Dept. ofConstruction Management, Tsinghua University, China


Academic social work

·          Review Editor of Frontiers in BuiltEnvironment

·          Corresponding Reviewer of Journal of ConstructionEngineering and Management, Journal of Cleaner Production, InternationalJournal of Project Management, Journal of Business Ethics, SafetyScience.

·          Member of American Society of CivilEngineers (ASCE)

·          Member of Construction ManagementBranch, China Construction Society

·          Member of Emergency Management Branch, SystemsEngineering Society of China


Research Field and Interests:

·          Construction Management; Occupationalhealth, safety and environmental management; Corporate social responsibilityand sustainable development; Risk management; Organizational leadership andculture; Building Information Modelling (BIM)



Projectmanagement; Corporate ethics and social responsibility; Academic papers writing(English); Management, Construction contracting management and bidding


Major awards and honors:

Hisresearch achievement was awarded the Science and Technology Prize of China RailwaySociety and the Technology ProgressPrize of Shanghai Railway Bureau. His doctoral thesis was awarded as the ExcellentDoctoral Thesis Prize by Tsinghua University. He was awarded the highestacademic honor for graduate students, i.e. Academic Rising Star, in TsinghuaUniversity (only ten postgraduate students can win this award every year). Intotal, more than 30 honors and awards have been won by him.


Recently published papers:

1.         Wu, C., Li, N., & Fang, D.(2017). Leadership improvement and its impact on workplace safety inconstruction projects: A conceptual model and action research. InternationalJournal of Project Management, 35(8), 1495-1511. (SSCI)

2.         Liao, P. C., Shih, Y. N., Wu, C. L.,Zhang, X. L., & Wang, Y. (2018). Does corporate social performance pay backquickly? A longitudinal content analysis on international contractors. Journalof Cleaner Production, 170, 1328-1337. (SCI, corresponding author)

3.         Liao P. C., Xia N. N., Wu, Chun-Lin, etal., 2017. Communicating the corporate social responsibility (CSR) ofinternational contractors: Content analysis of CSR reporting. Journal ofCleaner Production, 156, 327-336.(SCI, corresponding author)

4.         Huey Wen Lim; Nan Li; Dongping Fang, ph.D.; Chunlin Wu. Impact of Safety Climate on Types of Safety Motivation andSafety Performance: Multigroup Invariance Analysis. Accepted by Journal ofManagement in Engineering on 09/28/2017, in press. (SCI)

5.         Yang F., Li X., Zhu Y., Li Y., Wu Chunlin,2017. Job burnout of construction project managers in China: A cross-sectionalanalysis. International Journal of Project Management, 35(7), 1272-1287.(SSCI)

6.         Wu, X., Yin, W., Wu, C., &Li, Y. (2017). Development and validation of a safety attitude scale for coalminers in China. Sustainability, 9(12), 2165. (SCI, correspondingauthor)

7.         Wu Chunlin, Fang Dongping, LiNan. Roles of owners’ leadership inconstruction safety: the case of high-speed railway construction projects inChina. International Journal of Project Management, 2015, 107:185-194. (SSCI)

8.         Wu Chunlin, Wang Feng, Zou P WX, Fang Dongping. How Safety Leadership Works Among Owners, Contractors andSubcontractors in Construction Projects. International Journal of ProjectManagement, 2016, 34(5): 789–805(SSCI)  

9.         Wu, X., Yin, W., Wu, C., &Luo, X. (2017). The Spillover Effects on Employees’ Life of ConstructionEnterprises’ Safety Climate. Sustainability, 9(11), 2060. (SCI,corresponding author)

10.      Ruipeng Tong, Xiaoyi Yang, Hao Zhang,Mengzhao Cheng, Chunlin Wu. Probabilistic Cancer Risk of Human Intake ofPolycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH)-Contaminated Soil and Dust Via Hand-to-MouthTransfer. Accepted by Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: An InternationalJournal on 12/21/2017.

11.      Xia N., Wang X., Griffin M.A., Wu Chunlin, Liu, B., 2017. Do we see how they perceive risk? An integratedanalysis of risk perception and its effect on workplace safety behavior. AccidentAnalysis & Prevention, 106, 234-242. (SSCI, corresponding author)

12.      Tong, R., Wu, C., Li, Y., & Fang, D.(2017). An assessment model of owner safety management and its application toreal estate projects. KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, 1-15. (SCI)

13.      Nini Xia, Rui Zhong, ChunlinWu, et al. Assessment of Stakeholder-Related Risks in Construction Projects:Integrated Analyses of Risk Attributes and Stakeholder Influences. Journalof Construction Engineering and Management, accepted on 01/03/2017, inpress. (SCI, corresponding author)

14.      Feng K., Xiong W., Wang S., Wu Chunlin,Xue Y., 2017. Optimizing an Equity Capital Structure Model for Public–PrivatePartnership Projects Involved with Public Funds. Journal of Construction Engineeringand Management, 143(9), 04017067. (SCI)

15.      Wang X., Xia N., Zhang Z., Wu Chunlin,Liu, B., 2017. Human Safety Risks and Their Interactions in China’s Subways:Stakeholder Perspectives. Journal of Management in Engineering, 33(5),05017004. (SCI)

16.      Wu Chun-Lin, Fang Dong-Ping, LiaoPin-Chao, et al. Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility: The case ofChinese international contractors. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2015,33(8): 1665-1679. (SCI)

17.       WuChunlin, Song Xinyi, Wang Tao, Fang Dongping. Core Dimensions of theConstruction Safety Climate for a Standardized Safety-Climate Measurement. ASCEJournal of Construction Engineering and Management, 2015, 141(8) , 04015018.(SCI)  

18.      Fang Dongping, Wu Chunlin, Wu Haojie. Impact of the Supervisor on Worker Safety Behavior inConstruction Projects. ASCE Journal of Management in Engineering,2015, 31(6), 04015001. (SCI)

19.      Li L., Li M., Wu Chunlin. Productionefficiency evaluation of energy companies based on the improvedsuper-efficiency data envelopment analysis considering undesirable outputs. Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 2013, 58:1057-1067. (SCI)

20.      Wu Chunlin, Fang Dongping, Wang Feng, XuMinglai. Owner Role in Safety Performance Improvement: a Case Study of Chinese High-SpeedRailway Construction. Proceedings of CIB W099 International Health and SafetyConference-Achieving Sustainable Construction Health and Safety, 2014, Lund,Sweden.

21.      Fang Dongping, Wu Chunlin. SafetyLeadership in Construction. Keynote Paper at ICCEPM 2015: The 6th InternationalConference on Construction Engineering and Project Management, 2015, Busan, SouthKorea.

22.      Lei Li, Wu Chun-lin, Li Yan-qing, et al.System Analysis for Contractor Prequalification Based on P-DEA Method, IEEEInternational Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management(IE&EM), 2010, Xiamen, China. (EI)

23.      Wu Chunlin, Li Lei, Zhou Quan. Effect ofConstruction Safety Climate on Safety Behavior——Based on the DEA Method.Journal of Tianjin University (Social Sciences),2013, 15(5). (CSSCI)

24.      Wu Chunlin, Wang bo, et al. An EvaluationModel of Building Contractors’ Brand Competitiveness-Based on ANP. Journal ofBeijing Institute of Technology (Social Sciences Edition), 2012,14(3):32-38.(CSSCI)

25.      Li Lei, Li Mingyue, Wu Chunlin.Evaluation Model and Empirical Study of A Three-Stage Semi-parametricEfficiency Evaluating Model Taking Environmental Factors into Account. ChineseJournal of Management Science, 201220(2):107-113.(CSSCI)  

26.      Wu Chunlin.Foreign exchange risk of international project financingand its preventive measures.InternationalEconomic Cooperation.2010,12:47-52.(CSSCI)  

27.      Wu Chulin, Wang Xueqing, Liu Bingsheng.Establishment of Environmental Performance Indicator System for ConstructionProjects. Journal of Engineering Management, 2011, 25(3):296-300.


Main research projects:

1.      National Natural Science Foundation ofChina (NSFC) — Impact of Safety Leadership on Safety Performance ofConstruction Projects: Theoretical and Empirical Study    2016.1—now (participant)

2.      National Natural Science Foundation ofChina (NSFC) — Construction safety related behaviors simulation based on systemdynamics modeling and multi-agent modeling   2014.01—now(participant)

3.      National Natural Science Foundation ofChina (NSFC) — Behavior-based safety (BBS) and its application in constructionsafety management - organizational perspective   2012.01—2015.12 (participant)

4.      Shanghai Railway Administration — Informatizationand standardization of safety and quality management for highway and railwaybridge construction based on 4D-BIM (Building Information Modeling)                                             2016.09—now(director)

5.      Shanghai Railway Administration — Theoriesand methods of owners’ safety management in high-speed railway constructionunit                                  2014.01—now(director)

6.      Shanghai Railway Administration — Researchon safety management innovation of high-speed railway construction projects                                 2012.09—2013.12(director)

7.      China Hydropower Construction Group — Researchon the internationalization strategy based on soft power and corporate socialresponsibility                      2012.03—2013.02(director)

8.      China Resources (Holdings) CompanyLimited — Evaluation of safety production management in China Resources(Holdings) Company Limited                 2011.10—2012.02(participant)