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Name: HAN Liyan
Tel No.:82316149  
Email: hanly@buaa.edu.cn
Title: Professor
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Han, Liyan

Research interests: asset pricing, international investment, corporate finance , knowledge management.

Teaching: Macroeconomics, Investment, Financial Engineering, Mathematical Finance

Male, Born in Beijing on January 12,1955.

In 1998, qualified and appointed to PHD advisor in the field of quantitative economics. After graduation from high middle school, working in a farm in Beijing suburb for three years.

1978-1982: Beijing Normal University, mathematics, Bachelor Degreeachieved;

1984-1986: Beijing Normal University, applied mathematics, Master Degreeachieved;

1988-1991: Beijing Normal University, applied mathematics and system theory, Ph.D. degreeachieved;

2004: Visiting professor in School of Banking and Finance, New South Wales University, Sydney, Australia, for three months.

1999: Visiting professor in Ruhr University at Bochum, Germany, for three months.

1997: China Center for Economic Research, Beijing university, visiting researcher with the project of the World Bank.

1994-1995: Post doctorate research on macro-economic analysis, advised by Prof. H. Otruba, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (Wirthshaftsuniversitaet Wien).

April 2000 to present, professor and PHD advisor, head of Department of Finance, at the School of Economics and Management, Beihang University (BUAA);

February 1982- March 2000: Capital University of Economics and Business, teacher.

In 1992, assigned to associate professor, vice dean of the department of basic courses;

In 1997, assigned to Professor of Economics, dean of the department of basic courses;