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Name: LIU Zhixin
Tel No.: 82317835  
Email: liuzhixin@buaa.edu.cn
Title: Professor
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ersonal Data

Name: Zhixin LIU Tel: 0086-10-82317835



Sept.1982 -- July.1986 B.Sc.in Management . School of Management Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA)

Sept. 1988 -- March. 1991 M.Sc .Tsinghua University

Sept. 1998 – March. 2001 Ph.D School of Management , BUAA


Sept.2002 -- Present , Professor in Finance

Sept.1995 -- Aug.2002 Associate Professor Dept of Finance BUAA

March.1991-- Sept.1995 Lecturer School of Management BUAA

Aug.1986 -- March.1991 Teaching Assistant School of Management BUAA

Sept.1996 -- Aug. 1997 Academic Visitor , Lancaster University . UK

Teaching Areas

Corporate Finance , Investment, Management Accounting

Publications and Working Papers


1、期刊论文:刘志新,许宁. 基金系内部交叉补贴行为研究,《管理科学学报》2010年第3期;

2、期刊论文:许宁,刘志新. 基于Block-Bootstrap仿真技术的基金选股能力研究,《系统工程》2009年第3期,46-52;

3、期刊论文:蔺元,刘志新. 开放式基金对投资者关闭行为研究,《管理评论》已录用;

4、期刊论文:李晓梅,刘志新. 从基金经理频繁跳槽看我国开放式基金经理的管理技能,《系统工程》已录用;


6、期刊论文:黄凌灵,刘志新. 考虑住房因素的中国居民资产配置问题研究,北京航空航天大学学报(社科版)2009年第1期,1-5;

7、会议论文: Xu Ning,Liu Zhi-xin. Do Mutual Funds Deliver Alpha A Bayesian and Bootstrap Analysis,the Second International Conference on Business Intelligence and Financial Engineering,P812-816, Beijing ,China , AUG, 15-17, 2009. EI检索号:20094712459185;

8、会议论文:Xu Ning,Liu Zhi-xin. Can Mutual Fund Really Pick Stcoks? A Bootstrap Analysis,Second International Workshop on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, P381-384, Moscow ,Russian , JAN, 23-25, 2009. EI检索号:20092412118613;

9、会议论文: Xu Ning,Liu Zhi-xin. Application of Multifactor Conditional CAPM Model in the Evaluation of Mutual Fund Performance,2008 International IEEE Workshop on Database Technology and Applications,P667-669, WuHan, China , APRIL, 1-3, 2009. EI检索号:20094712477152;

10、会议论文:Zhang, Hai-Lan, Liu Zhi-xin. Cross-fund subsidization behavior in mutual fund families,2008 International Seminar on Business and Information Management,P141-144, WuHan, China , DEC, 19, 2008. EI检索号20094312395406.

11、会议论文:Li Xiao-mei, Liu Zhi-xin. Capture Managerial Skills from Mutual Fund Managers' Frequent Replacement,2009 Future Information Technology and Management Engineering,SanYa China , DEC, 12-13, 2009. EI检索.已录用

12、会议论文:Xu Yue,Liu Zhi-xin. Shareholder-Manager Disagreement, Managerial Overconfidence, and Corporate Investment,2009 International Conference of Management Engineering and Information Technology,Zheng Zhou ,China , OCT, 18-19, 2009. EI检索;已录用

13、会议论文:Xu Yue,Liu Zhi-xin. Shareholder-Manager Disagreement and Corporate Investment: Evidence from China Stock Market,The 1st International Conference on Information Science and Engineering,Nan Jing ,China , DEC, 26-28, 2009. EI检索;已录用

14、会议论文:Xu Feng, Liu Zhi-xin. Heterogeneous Beliefs and Corporate Financial Decision,2009 Future Information Technology and Management Engineering,SanYa China , DEC, 12-13, 2009. EI检索.已录用

15、会议论文:Lingling Huang, Liu Zhi-xin. Optimal Asset Allocation over the Life-Cycle in China: the Role of Housing,2009 conference on systems science Management Science &System Dynamics,P19-23,ChangSha ,China , JAN, 23-25, 2009. ISTP;

16、会议论文:Lingling Huang,Liu Zhi-xin.Optimal Life-Cycle Portfolio Choice for Chinese Residents with Housing,the Second International Conference on Business Intelligence and Financial Engineering,P251-255, Beijing ,China , AUG, 15-17, 2009. EI检索号:20094712459298;

17、会议论文:Lingling Huang,Liu Zhi-xin. Portfolio Choice over the Life-Cycle for Chinese Residents with Risky Housing,Proceedings of the International Conference on Management Science and Engineering 2009,P956-961, HaErBin ,China , DEC, 11-13, 2009. EI检索.


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