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Name:YAO Zhong
Tel No.:82317802 
Email:  iszhyao@buaa.edu.cn
Title: Professor
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Doctoral Advisor,

School of Economics and Management, BeiHang University, Beijing 100191, PR China


Office Address: A947, New Academic Building


Ph.D. in operations management, Department of Management Sciences, City University of Hong Kong, November 2004.

M. Phil. in Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Robot Research, BeiHang University (BHU), April 1993.

Baccalaureate, in Agricultural Engineering, Hebei Agricultural University, July 1987.


Welcome the students in majors of Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Information Systems to take part in our research group. Currently, our researchs are mainly in

1) Data/Web/Text Mining and Business Intelligence

2) Quantitative supply chain management

3) Knowledge management and E-commerce

4) Behavor based IT/IS adoption and diffusion

5) Multi-agents-based information systems theory and building

6) Intelligent computing (ACO, PSO, Cloud Computing etc.) and its application in Economic and Business fields.


1. Jan. 2011-Dec. 2013. Dual-channel Coordination under Risk Retailers, General Project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Project No. 71071006, PI.

2. Apr. 2009-Dec.2010, Research on 12.5 Strategic Development Planning for Department of Management Science, the National Natural Science Foundation. Participant.

3. Jan. 2009-Dec. 2011. Modeling and Simulating Behavors-Based Social-Economic Complex Systems. The Foundation for Innovative Research Groups of the National Natural Scienec Foundation of China, Project No. 70521001, Participant.

4.Jan.2007-Dec. 2009. Price-dependent Supply Chain Coordination under Retailer Risk-averse Constraints. General Project of the National Natural Scienec Foundation of China, Project No. 70672020, PI.

5. Jan. 2003, Dec. 2004. The Roles of the Returns Policies in single period product Supply chain Coordination. Young Teacher Foundations of School of Economics and Management, PI.

6. Oct. 1995-Oct.1998, Integrating EDI and GDSS in Aviation Industrial Enterprises. China Aviation Science Foundation, Projct No.991183, Participant.

7. Jan.1994-Jan. 1997. A Study on Integration of GDSS and EDI. General Project of the National Natural Scienec Foundation of China, Project No. 69474038, Participant.


1. Oct. 2009-Dec. 2010. Manufacturing Executive Systems (MES) in Beijing Note Printing Corporation. Participant.

2. Jan. 1996-Jan. 1997. The Office Automation System for China Civil Aviation Network Center. Supported by China Civil Aviation Networking Center, PI.

3.Jun.1993- Aug. 1994. China Southern Airlines Integrated Information Systems. Supported by China Southern Airlines. Participant.


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Books and Book’s Chapter (In Chinese):

1. Yao Zhong, 1998, Electronic Trading Technology---EDI. Publishing House of Electronics Industry, Beijing, China.

2. Yao Zhong, 1997, The Problems and Answers of C Language. Posts-Telecom Press, Beijing, China.

3. Yao Zhong, 1996, “The Interpretation of the Computer Operation Systems and Database Management Concept (book chapter 5 and 6)”, in Liu Lu (Editor), Computer Assistant Management Terminology, Aviation Industry Press, Beijing, China.