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Name:CHENG Zhichao
Tel No.:13911097815    
Email: cheng97815@vip.163.com
Title: Professor
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Zhichao Cheng is a professor of leadership and organization management at the school of Economics and Management of Beihang University. He serves as an occupational skill testing expert for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s republic of China. He once hold a concurrent post in a group company as the vice president and has more than ten years of practical experience in company operation and management. He currently teaches Organizational Behavior for MBA and EMBA programs

Research Interest

Prof. Cheng’s research areas include Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management. Specifically, his expertise are organizational diagnosis and control, organization design and work design, organizational standardization and business process reengineering, ISO 9001 System and budget and marketing system as well as customer service system construction. Prof. Cheng’s research has been published in various international and domestic journals, including Computers in Human Behaviors, Online Information Review, Social Behavior and Personality, Asia-pacific Journal of Industrial Management and Biotechnology: An Indian Journal

Education Background

1987 Harbin Institute of Technology B.S.

1990 Zhejiang University M.S.

2006 Beihang University Ph.D

Project Research

Time : 2016.10- 2019.10

Project Title : The formation of values in virtual communities based on the integration of social identity and self-identity.

Project funded by Beijing Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science

project No.16GLA007



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