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Name:WANG Liwen
Tel No.:82317803  
Email: wanglw@buaa.edu.cn
Title: Associate Professor
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M.S. Management Science & Engineering, Beihang University, 1990

B.E. Management Engineering & System Engineering Dept., Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1983

Major: Management Science & Engineering / Minor: Project Management


Third Prize of Ministry Science & Technical Progress(Theoretic and Application about Aeronautics Corporation Process Reengineering (BPR)) of Aviation Industry Corporation of China, April 1994

Third Prize of Teaching Achievement, Beihang University, 2000&2003


1. Research and development at "Primary Route Plane Project Management Information Center in the Department of Industry of Aeronautics and Astronautics”,1990-1994

2. Yongyou Management Research Institute ‘Digitizing Management’ task ‘Cybereconomy Era IT Project Management Research’

3. Aeronautics Science Foundation Project ‘Aeronautics Project Management Standard Institution Theory and Application Research’

4. Beijing Science Committee Soft Science Task ‘Project Management Research about IT


Journal Publications

1. Attended to compile <Paraphrase Manual of Computer Assist Management>, in charge of compiling the part of industry engineering(Beijing: Aeronautics Industry Press, January 1997)

2. <Basis of Modern Project Management>(Beihang University Press, September 1997)

3. <Basis of Project Management> as main writer(Qsinghua University Press,2001)

4. National Vocational Qualifications Authentication Training Tutorial<Project Management profession>(China Machine Press, September 2003)

5. Major examine Part 1 and Part 2 of <Fast Software Development>(3 Parts in total)(Electronic Industry Press,December2001);

6. Translated <Project Management—The Managerial Process (double language)>(People's Post and Telecommunications Press, May 2005)


Beihang University

•Graduate Course: Project Management Research and The Simulation experiment on Project Management

•MBA Course: Project Management

•Engineering Master: Project Risk Management

•Undergraduate Course: Project Management