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Beihang GeneralAviation Mini-EMBA Opening Ceremony

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On Nov. 11th,The opening ceremony of Beihang General Aviation Mini-EMBA was held in theConference Center of the Main New Building. The ceremony was hosted by Prof.Gao Yuanyang, Director of General Aviation Industry Research Center in BeihangUniversity. Distinguished guests from over 30 organizations and companiesattended this ceremony, such as China Aviation Society, AOPA-China, ICAO Asia-PacificChina Agency, ICAS, 99s International Woman Aviator Organization, CCID ResearchInstitute of theMinistry of Industry and InformationTechnology, Textron Group in the USA, Capital JetCompany, Reignwood Group, AVIC Culture Company, China Civil Aviation Technologyand Equipment Company, CACC Group, California Aviation Resource Company,China VAST Development Company, etc. Some media, like Xinhua NetAviation Channel, CAAC Journal,China Aviation News,alsoattended this ceremony. President Assistant Zhang Guang, and somerepresentatives from Aviation Industry gave speeches. Vice Dean of SEM QinZhongfeng and Director of EMBA Center presented the class flag to the classrepresentative of the first Mini-EMBA class. After this, Zhang Juen, standingdirector of Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, gave a talk of“Global development trend of aeronautics and astronautics technology”; PaulFiduccia, President of General Aviation in ACP, also gave a talk of “Tell youthe true General Aviation in the US”.



FromNov. 12th to 13th, Paul Moffitt from TEXTRON Group gave the first class of“Supply Chain Management for Aviation” to our Mini-EMBA

Beihang GeneralAviation Mini-EMBA is a project provided by Beihang General Aviation ResearchCenter, together with top experts and scholars from international and domesticgeneral aviation industry. It covers basic theoretical courses of BusinessSchool, special courses for general aviation, oversea studies, field works inaviation industry, seminars, flying experience and private flying licensetraining, etc. The project aims to provide leading talents for China general aviation.