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BeihangSEM Faculty Has a Face-to-Face Meeting with NobelLaureate RobertEngle

Publish Date: 2016/12/09 09:30:55    Hits:

On 23rd Nov. 2016, Beihang SEM faculty had aFace-to-Face meeting with Nobel Laureate Robert Engle. Dean and Prof. Ying Fanchaired this meeting. Vice Dean and Prof. Weiguo Fang, Prof. Ruoen Ren, and 20young faculty members attended this meeting.

Prof. Engle and the faculty had a pleasant conversation.Thefaculty discussed and shared their current researchinterests with Prof. Engle. Prof. Engle made many precious comments andsuggestions on some faculty’s research questions. 

At last, Prof. Engle expressed his thanks for Beihang’swarm welcome and cordial reception. He thought that it was a good opportunityto know Beijing SEM. The excellent faculty and their research impressed himvery much. Meanwhile, he felt very honored to join Beihang, and he will try hisbest to contribute to the development of the Institute of Economics andBusiness together with the faculty at Beihang SEM.