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Professor Tae Hoon OUM from School of Business of University ofBritish Columbia Visited BUAA SEM and Gave a Seminar

Publish Date: 2016/12/19 16:45:30    Hits:

Prof. Tae Hoon OUMfrom School of Business of University of British Columbia visited BUAA SEM and gavea seminar, “Effects of Open Skies Agreements on Bilateral Traveler Flow andService Export and Import Trades: The Case of Canada taking into account of theeffects of US Open Skies”, on 15th December, 2016. Prof. Hai-Jun Huang chairedthis seminar. Other participants include 6 facultiesand morethan 30 postgraduate students. 

Prof. OUM presentedone of his working papers at the seminar. Models for measuring the effects ofOpen Skies Agreements (OSAs) on bilateral traffic flow and on service exportand import trades are constructed, and applied to Canada’s bilateral travelerflow and service trade export and import data. The indirect effects of US OpenSkies agreement on Canada’s bilateral foreign traffic flow and services tradesare also investigated. Our service trade data includes GATS Mode 1(cross-country trade) and Mode 2 (cross-border consumption) service trades data.

After Prof. OUM’stalk, he answered the questions and shared his experiences on journalsubmissions and publications. At last, Prof. OUM had a good discussion with us.This seminar is fruitful, and it will be helpful for our journal submissionsand publications in the future.

Bio: Dr. Tae OUMfocuses on research and teaching in economics, management strategy and policyanalysis in transport/logistics and public utility sectors. He serves onEditorial Boards of twelve international journals including having served as anEditor of Journal of Transport Economics and Policy for 13 years (1998-2011).Also, he has been the founding chair of the ATRS Global Airport Performancebenchmarking Task Force report project from its inception in 2002. He isdesignated as the Editor-in-Chief, Transport Policy (Publishers: ElsevierScience and The WCTR Society) for July 2016 – June, 2019;for additional 3years.