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“Discussion of Undergraduate Education of Top Class Universities” and a Seminar Named “Market Orientation and Training Objectives”

Publish Date: 2017/03/30 17:28:37    Hits:

At the beginning of this semester, School of Economics and Management actively implements school’s notice on carrying out the activities of " discussion of undergraduate education of top class universities” implements and maps out a plan and sets up a work leading group with dean Ying Fan and Secretary Zhixin Liu as director and assistant dean Zhongfeng Qin as deputy director to the Organization Department of Teachers to organize teachers of all departments discuss systematically and deeply.

In accordance with the spirit of the university, the theme of the discussion is "building a top class undergraduate talent cultivation system". Through study and discussion, we try to find out the gap between world first-class universities and other domestic first-class universities, deepen understanding of training objectives and positioning, optimizing top-level design of personnel training, and strengthen the center status of personnel training. The topics discussed include the orientation and training objectives, the relationship between disciplines and majors, teaching resources and quality assurance mechanism, system reform and innovation. And the theme of the discussion in March is"the orientation and training objectives".

First, our school organized a seminar with the department as the unit, and then summarized at the college level. Teachers of all departments actively carried out domestic and international benchmarking, found out the gap between domestic first-class universities and world first-class universities in similar majors in training undergraduate students, reflected the market orientation of our school and all majors, refined the core elements of training objectives of first-class undergraduate education and put forward the emphasis of personnel training. The teachers warmly discussed the gap found in the benchmarking and the existing problems in undergraduate education, put forward proposals, and conducted a preliminary design of talent cultivation of different majors by combining with the training goal of universities and national strategic development needs.

Through the discussion of “market orientation and training objectives”, the teachers of the whole school have made a deep reflection on the undergraduate education, and are also stimulated to actively contribute themselves to the cultivation of undergraduate talents. In the subsequent discussion, more substantive discussion will be conducted on personnel training programs and mechanism. Our school will organize in-depth research and to implement the results of discussion.

(The following are some pictures of the seminars conducted by different departments.)