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Prof.Xinsheng CHENG: Corporate Governance and Innovation: Review and Implications

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[Lectureson Economics and Business]

On 18thApril, 2017, in the room A949 of the New Main Building, Prof. Xinsheng CHENG, Executive Deputy Editor of Nankai Business Review, from Business School of Nankai University, was invited to make an academic lecture on “Corporate Governance and Innovation: Review and Implications”. The lecture was chaired by Associate Professor Lu DENG from School of Economics and Management. The Dean,Prof. Ying FAN, with more than 40 tutors and students from the SEM attended this lecture.

Based on the rich experience on business management and academic research in Nankai Business Review, Prof. CHENG has summed up the relationships between corporate governance and innovation and the internal mechanism of mutual influence from six perspectives for the research of corporate governance and innovation. They are the structure and properties of the ownership, incentive mechanism, accounting information, the characteristics and power for the board of directors, the characteristics and rights for the executives and external governance mechanism.  

At the end of the lecture, the tutors and students from the SEM put forward various questions about how to carry out the research on the accumulation of advance literatures and the development on innovation subjects in the relatedareas of Business. Prof. CHENG has taken vivid practical cases to answer the questions. The lecturer and listeners were immersed in a deep academic atmosphere and looking forward to more academic communications in the future.


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