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The First Meeting of the International Academic Committee of the Institute of Economics and Business Was Successfully Held

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At 9:00 am, on May 10, 2017, the firstmeeting of the International Academic Committee (IAC) of the Institute of Economics and Business (IEB) was hosted by Prof. Tong LI, the Overseas Dean of the IEB, in the New Main Building A612. Prof. Xiaohong CHEN, Prof. Andrew Tat Tin CHING, Prof. Jing Feng LU, Prof. Xiaoyong ZHENG, Prof. Chenghu Ma, Prof.Ying FAN, Prof. Liyan HAN, Prof. Zhixin LIU, Prof. Taohua Ouyang, Prof. Ruoen Ren, Prof. Huiwen WANG, Prof. Shu-Chun S. YANG (Professor) attended themeeting.


During the first half meeting, Prof. Ying FAN, Dean of the School of Economics and Management (SEM), briefly introduced the basic profile, the school motto and mission, organizational structure, researchachievements, staff and international exchanges and cooperation of the SEM to theinvited leaders and guests. Then, the aim, the demands to establish and rapidlydevelop and the long-term development project of the IEB have been presented atthe background of “Building the World First-Class University with ChineseCharacteristics” in Beihang University.


Subsequently, Prof. Li Tong made a specificreport on the trend of International Economics Schools comprehensively andconducted a detailed analysis of the organizational structures and developmentmodels of the Economics Schools in the universities of USA and Canada. Besides,Prof. Andrew Tat Tin CHING made an analysis on the overall development projectsof the International Business Schools, and also took specific cases tointroduce some hot research areas in business schools respectively, includingBusiness Economics, Strategy, Marketing, Marketing Science or OperationManagement, Management Information System and Organizational Behavior.



At the second half of the meeting, thepreliminary proposed rules and regulations for the IAC have been discussed by themembers item by item, agreed to adopt and implement. Finally, the members ofthe IAC agreed to carry out the integrated study of China’s practical issuesand local data with the world-class research methods and publish more researchachievements related to China on the world-class journals. On the perspectiveof the management mechanism, the theme of “innovative mechanism to introducetalent and internationalization to develop disciplines” would be insisted.Considering the talent and the internationalization as a breakthrough, theword-class economics and business disciplines and the institute were lookingforward to being established in the future.