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The Appointment Ceremony for Prof. Andrew Chesher to be Honorary Professor of Beihang University

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On 12th July, 2017, Prof. Andrew Chesher, Professor of Economics and Economic Measurement at the Department of Economics in UCL,Fellow of British Academy and President of Royal Economic Society(RES), was invited to be in Beihang University and offered a lecture for “Lectures on Economics and Business”. The topic is 21st Century Instrumental Variable Models. This lecture was hosted by Prof. Fan Ying, Dean of School of Economics and Management.

Prof. Andrew Chesher was awarded Letter of Appointment forHonorary Professor by Academician Xu Huibin, Principal of Beihang University.The participation of Prof. Andrew Chesher will make a contribution for Instituteof Economics and Business to achieve the internationalization development on ahigher ground, as one of the most significant platforms for Beihang strategic mission, “Building the World First-Class University with Chinese Characteristics”.

Prof. Fan Ying introduced the remarkable achievements of Prof.Andrew Chesher in the international field of economics, with a particular reference to the great impact of his “Generalized Instrumental Variable Models”in the field of econometrics.

In the lecture, Prof. Andrew Chesherexpoundedthat 21st century instrumental variable models allow outcomes to have discrete elements, the existence of many sources of heterogeneity influencing the valuesout comes take and inequality restrictions amongst observed variables and unobserved heterogeneity. By contrast, 20th century instrumental variable models have continuous outcomes, very limited scope for the influence of unobserved heterogeneity on outcomes and only accommodate equality restrictions. This lecture motivates and exposits our extension of the Scope ofapplication of IV models and applies to a model of female labor force participation.

At the end of the lecture, for the questions the young teachers and students proposed, Prof. Andrew Chesher has made detailed explanations. The whole lecture was held successfully in a strong academic atmosphere.


ž William Stanley Jevons Professor of Economics and EconomicMeasurement,Department ofEconomics,UCL

ž Director, ESRC Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice (CeMMAP)

ž President, Royal Economic Society (RES)

ž Fellow of theBritish Academy

ž Fellow of theEconometricSociety

ž Honorary Foreign Member of theAmerican EconomicAssociation

ž Research Fellow,Institute for Fiscal Studies

Research Interests:

ž Econometric theory, methods and practice

ž Microeconometric methods

ž Identification analysis