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Professor Hu SHAO from China University of Mining and Technology Visited BUAA SEM and Gave a Seminar

Publish Date: 2017/06/23 16:23:13    Hits:

On 22ndJune,Professor Hu SHAO,from China University of Mining and Technology, visited BUAA-SEM and gave a lecture,entitled “TheExtensionof TrafficAssignment”. Prof. Qiong TIAN chaired this seminar. Other participants included Prof. Wen-xiang WU Prof. Liu YANG, Prof. Tian-Liang LIU, Prof. Chen-Lan WANG and several postgraduate students of our school.  

Dr. Hu Shao summarized his past research and discussed the recent developments and prospects of traffic assignment.Dr.Shao Hu introduced the traffic assignment UE equilibrium condition, discussed the relationship among mathematical model, variational inequality model and nonlinear complementarity problem, analyzed the traffic assignment model basedon travel time reliability, considered the random link flow and road capacity caused by the uncertainty of supply and demand; shared some research ideas andresearch methods.  

After Dr. Shao’stalk, he answered teachers’ questions. At last, Dr. Liao had a good discussionwith us. This seminar is fruitful, and it will be helpful for our modeling inthe future.

Bio: Dr. Hu Shaois a professor and Ph. D. supervisor at China University of Mining andTechnology. He archived Jiangsu province "Blue Project" outstanding young teachers, young academic leaders in China University of Mining and Technology. He is the director of the Research Institute of optimization theory and application of mathematics at China University of Mining and Technology, thedirector of Jiangsu Province Accounting mathematics mathematical branch, thesecretary general of Xuzhou society of industrial and Applied Mathematics, "topten young faculty" at China University of Mining and Technology. Now he hosts 3 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, published more than 40 papers in Transportation Research Part B, Transportation Research Part C andso on.