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The Smooth Ongoing of 2017 Summer Courses of BUAA IEB

Publish Date: 2017/07/19 10:05:08    Hits:

The 2017 Summer School Courses of BUAA IEB was smoothly going on in the Room A212 of New Main Building since July 3, 2017.In the past two weeks, the courses of "DSGE Models and Fiscal Policy"and "Introduction to Panel Data" were successfully given by Prof.Shu-Chun Susan Yang and Prof. Cheng Hsiao. The two courses got praises from theteachers and students of Beihang SEM.

Subsequently,two courses "Research Topics in Energy Economics and Finance" and"Topics in Micro-econometrics", will be given respectively by Prof.Ronald Ripple from Collins College of Business of University of Tulsa, andProf. Yi Lu from Tsinghua University, who was an associate professor of Singapore National University before joined Tsinghua this June.

During the courses, teachers and students were listening carefully, and asked questionsactively. During the break, the discussion between professors and audience wereas hot as the weather.Wish the 2017 Summer School of BUAA IEB complete successfully!