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Professor Chen Xiaohong awarded 2017 China's Economics Prize

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July 21, 2017, Beijing: China’s Economics Prize Committee of Contemporary Economics Foundation announced that Professor Chen Xiaohong (another winner is Princeton University’s Honorary Professor Gregory C. Chow) is awarded the 2017 China’s Economics Prize, rewarding her contribution in the field of econometrics.

Professor Chen Xiaohong's important breakthrough in econometrics is that she proposes a set of estimation and inference methods for semi parametric conditional moment models with endogeneity. Because of its theoretical advantages and computational convenience, Prof. Chen’s research results have wide application value in many fields of economics, such as macroeconomics, finance, industrial organization, labor and trade.

Professor Chen Xiaohong was born in Hubei. She got her bachelor's degree from Wuhan University and Ph. D. in economics from University of California at San Diego. Now, she is a full professor of economics at Yale University. In May 2017, she was employed as a part-time professor at the Institute of Economics and Business at Beihang University.

The China’s Economics Prize is established and selected by the foundation of the Contemporary Economics Foundation. Prize amount: 2 million RMB and one gold medal. The prize is shared by the winners. The award is to encourage innovation, and promotes the contribution in the prosperity of economic science made by Chinese scholars.