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Prof. Jin-Chuan Duan: From Big to Smart and on to Actionable Data— A New Credit Risk Analytics Paradigm

Publish Date: 2017/07/21 18:25:08    Hits:


On 21st July, 2017, we welcome Prof. Jin-Chuan Duan to our series lecture on “Economics and Business”, as well as his speech on From Big to Smart and on to Actionable Data — A New Credit Risk Analytics Paradigm. Professor Duan serves the Cycle & Carriage Professor of Finance in the Business School of National University of Singapore (NUS), who pioneered the “public good” Credit Research Initiative (CRI) in March 2009 and continues to lead the CRI team of 40 strong to this day. In 2017, Prof. Duan co-founded a FinTech startup, CriAT, specializing in deep credit analytics. The lecture was hosted by Prof. Ying FAN, Dean of School of Economics and Management at Beihang University.

Before the lecture, Prof. Duan accepted our appointment as one of the fellows on the International Academic Committee (IAC) in the Institute of Economics and Business (IEB), BUAA. Dean Ying FAN made this announcement on behalf of Academician Xu Huibin, President of Beihang University.

In the following lecture, Prof. Duan showed us his latest frontier researches on the CRI Smart Data platform which has created a new possibility for scientific research and also demonstrated new possibilities of creating Actionable Data via Smart Data in FinTech through real-world applications of its deep credit analytics.

During and after the lecture, more than 80 scholars and students from the SEM discussed the key points of the researches, and also raised quite a few methodological and empirical questions that provoke further thinking on the issue from both parties.