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The Successfully Completing of 2017 Summer Courses of BUAA IEB

Publish Date: 2017/08/02 13:27:42    Hits:

The 2017 Summer School of BUAA IEBhas been successfully completed on 27thJuly, 2017 in the Room A212 of New Main Building. The courses of " Climate Economics ", "Topics in Micro-econometrics " and "Research Topics in Energy Economics and Finance" were successfully given by Prof. Michael Grubb from University College London, Prof. Tong Li from Vanderbilt University and Prof.Ronald Ripple from Collins College of Business of University of Tulsa. The courses got praises from the teachers and students of Beihang SEM.  

Subsequently,Prof. Fan Ying, Dean of Beihang SEM and Prof. Tong Li, Overseas Dean of Beihang IEB have issued the certificates of Beihang Summer Courses for the students who have successfully fulfilled the requirements of the courses.

Congratulations to the 2017 Summer School of BUAA IEB successfully completing!