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Prof. Yu Nie at Northwestern University Shared Researching Experience with SEM Faculties and Students

Publish Date: 2017/09/18 14:37:49    Hits:

Under the support of the Beihang Short-Term Project for Overseas Scholars, Prof. Yu(Marco) Nie at Northwestern University was invited to visit School of Economicsand Management (SEM), Beihang University, from September 4th to 16th, 2017. During his visiting, Prof. Nie connected, shared and exchanged ideas with SEM facultymembers and students in transportation management, and gave a talk on the topic,Toward Sustainable Transportation:Challenges and Opportunities.

In his talk, Prof. Nie firstly introduced challenges that the current transportation systems are facing and the opportunities opened upby several disruptive technologies, such as traffic congestion, environmental pollution, energy security. Then, he provided an overview of the researchactivities that his group has been engaging in recent years, which are mostly related to developing sustainable transportation systems. And then, he discussedvarious aspects of the academic career in the US and offered suggestion tothose who are interested in becoming a professor. Finally, Prof. Nie eagerly answered the questions that interest SEM faculty members and students.  

Dr.Yu (Marco) Nie is currently a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineeringat Northwestern University. He received his B.S. in Structural Engineering from Tsinghua University, his M.Eng. from National University of Singapore and hisPh.D. from the University of California, Davis. Prof. Nie’s research covers avariety of topics in the areas of transportation systems analysis,transportation economics, sustainable transportation and traffic flow theoryand simulation. Prof. Nie is currently a member of TRB committee onTransportation Network Modeling (ADB30). He also serves as an Associate Editorfor Transportation Science, an Area Editor for Networks and Spatial Economics,and is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for Transportmetrica-B and TransportationResearch Part B. Prof. Nie’s research has been supported by National Science Foundation,Transportation Research Board, US Department of Transportation, US Departmentof Energy, and Illinois Department of Transportation.