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Dr. Yuli Zhang from Tsinghua University Visited BUAA SEM and Gave a Seminar

Publish Date: 2017/09/30 14:20:59    Hits:

Dr. Yuli Zhangfrom Tsinghua University Visited BUAA SEM and Gave a Seminar, “DistributionallyRobust Optimization and its Applications”, on 27th September, 2017. Prof. QiongTian chaired this seminar. Other participants were Prof. Tian-Liang Liu, Prof. Chen-LanWang and postgraduate students of SEM.

Dr. Yuli Zhang summarizedhis past research and discussed the recent developments and prospects of robustoptimization approaches.Dr. YuliZhang introduced the impact of mean-covariance information of uncertain factorson system performance and delivered interesting managerial insights, discussed hisnewly proposed parametric search algorithm, which provides an exact andflexible solution framework for distributionally robust optimization modelswith orders of magnitude speedup over state-of-the-art algorithms; shared someresearch ideas and research methods.  

After Dr. Zhang’stalk, he answered teachers and students’ questions. At last, Dr. Zhang had agood discussion with us. This seminar is fruitful, and it will be helpful for ourmodeling and algorithm of robust optimization in the future.

Bio:Dr.Yuli Zhang received his M.S., and Ph.D.degrees from the Department of Automation, Tsinghua University in 2014. Hevisited the Department of IE&OR, University of California, Berkeley, during2011- 2012.Currently he is a Postdoc Research Fellow in Department ofIndustrial Engineering, Tsinghua University. His research interest focuses ondata-drive operations management. His work has been published in journals, suchas Production and Operations Management, Transportation Research Part B,European Journal of Operational Research, IEEE Transactions on IntelligentTransportation Systems and IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics.His work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China andPostdoctoral Science Foundation of China.