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Dr. Peng Liu from National University of Singapore visited BUAA SEM and gave a presentation.

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Dr. Peng Liufrom National University of Singapore visited BUAA SEM and gave a presentation,“Dynamic User Equilibrium Departure Time and Mode Choice on Bi-modal Corridorwith Risk-Averse Travelers”, on 15th October, 2017. Prof. Hai-Jun Huang chairedthis seminar. Other participants were Prof. Qiong Tian, Prof. Ren-Yong Guo, Prof.Tian-Liang Liu, Lecturer Chen-Lan Wang and several postgraduate students.

Dr. Peng Liu summarizedhis past research and discussed the recent developments and prospects of dynamicuser equilibrium in a bi-modal corridor with risk-averse travelers.Dr. Peng Liu introduced the impact ofrisk-averse on travelers' choices between a risky (stochastic) but fast highwayand a reliable (deterministic) but slow public transit line, adopted themean-variance approach to measure the travel cost under risk. At userequilibrium, nobody can reduce his/her travel cost by ultimately changinghis/her departure time or mode choice. He showed the closed-form solution of dynamicuser equilibrium and analyzed the equilibrium results by varying the risk leveland the risk-aversion preference in the numerical section.  

After Dr. Liu’s talk,he answered teachers’ and students’ questions. At last, Dr. Liu had a gooddiscussion with us. This seminar is fruitful, and will be helpful for ourmodeling of bottleneck problem in a bi-modal corridor with risk-aversetravelers in the future.

Bio: Dr. LIUPeng is a research fellow in the Department of Civil and EnvironmentalEngineering at the National University of Singapore, Singapore. He holds B.S.degrees in Business Administration (first) /Applied Mathematics (second) and aPhD degree in Transportation Planning and Management from Beihang University. Hisprimary research interests are in the areas of activity-based modeling, dynamictraffic assignment and public transit operations. He has some publications intop journals such as Transportation Research Part B. He serves as a reviewerfor some journals and conferences such as Journal of Advanced Transportationand COTA International Conference of Transportation Professionals.