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The 2nd Beihang IEB Forum Opened in SEM

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On December8, 2017, the second session of the International Economics and Business (IEB)Forum was held in Beihang Ruxin Covention Center. The forum on " Frontierof Global Business Research in the Transition Period " as the theme, isorganized by Institute of Economics & Business and School of Economics& Management. The forum invited many well-known scholars from ChineseUniversity of Hong Kong, University of California (Irvine), Fudan University,University of New South Wales, Tsinghua University, Ryukoku University, andUniversity of Hong Kong. The Forum was chaired by Professor Ouyang Taohua, andProfessor Huang Jinsong, Beihang University.

Opening Speech by Haijun HUANG, Vice President of BeihangUniversity

At the beginning of the forum, Beihang University VicePresident Huang Haijun published an ebullience speech. Prof. Huang introducedthe Beihang’s latest progress in the discipline development and scientificresearch during recent years, especially emphasized on the strategic layout ofthe development of business research in BUAA. Finally, Prof. Huang made afervent hope for the development of Institute of Economics and Business, andexpressed heartfelt thanks to all experts who gave supports to the developmentof IEB.

Speech by Yin FAN, Dean of School of Economics and Management

Professor Fan Ying, Dean of School of Economics andManagement also made a warmth welcome speech. She said, it is very honored toinvite so many scholars from the home and abroad famous Universities to come toBeihang. In the future, IEB will build a larger platform, provide more supportfor business research development, and make greater contribution for thecooperation between Beihang scholars and overseas scholars.

Keynote Speeches

After the opening ceremony of the forum, Prof. Hui, MichaelKing-man from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Prof. Nan, Bin fromUniversity of California (Irvine), Prof. Fan, Xiucheng from Fudan University,Prof. Pan, Shan-ling from University of New South Wales, and Prof. Yang, Baiyinfrom Tsinghua University gave the speech about their current research,respectively.

Session I: Finance and InformationManagement

Session II: Organization, HumanResources and Marketing Management

In the afternoon parallel sessions, 15 young talent scholarsreported their research results, showing the innovative spirit and rich contentof the younger generation.

Photo of Some Participants