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Hangjun YANG: A Comparative Analysis of Price Effects of Two Airline Mergers in China

Publish Date: 2017/12/04 11:01:42    Hits:

On November 29, 2017, Professor Hangjun Yang from University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) gave a talk at the School of Economics and Management, Beihang University. The seminar was hosted by Assistant Professor Chunan Wang. Moreover, Professor Ying Fan, Professor Hong Fang, Professor QiongTian, Associate Professor Tianliang Liu, Assistant Professor Wei Li, Assistant Professor Xirong Chen, and around 15 graduate students participated theseminar.

ProfessorHangjun Yang is a full professor and doctoral advisor at the School of International Trade and Economics, University of International Business andEconomics (UIBE). Before joining UIBE, Professor Yang obtained his Ph.D. at theUniversity of British Columbia (Canada), supervised by Professor Anming Zhang.Professor Yang’s research fields are air transportation and transportationeconomics and policy.

Inthe seminar, Professor Yang introduces a paper that examines the price effects of two influential airline mergers taking place in China in 2010. They find that both mergers triggered significant price increases on routes affected by mergers. Shortly after the mergers, the price rise was larger for China Easternand Shanghai Airlines (overlapping network) than that of Air China and ShenzhenAirlines (complementary network). However, it was the other way around in the long run. They also find that high-speed rail had a significantly negativeimpact on airfare before early 2014. However, after early 2014, the entry ofhigh-speed rail was associated with airfare increases.During the seminar, participants and Professor Yang discussed the data, econometric model and the intuition behind the results.