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Dr. Fang He from Tsinghua University Visited SEM and Gave a Lecture

Publish Date: 2017/12/04 11:06:12    Hits:

December 1st,2017, in Room A716 of the New Main Building, Dr. Fang He, an Associate Professor in Department of Industrial Engineering at Tsinghua University, was invited to give a lecture, entitled "A Systematic Investigation of General Nonlinear Road Pricing". The lecture was hosted by Associate professor TianliangLiu. More than 40 audiences attended, including professors, graduate and undergraduate students from Hong Kong University of Science and technology, Beihang University, Hefei University of Technology, University of International Business and Economics, Capital University of Economics and Business and North China University of Technology.


In this lecture,Dr. He introduced a series of investigation on the general nonlinear pricing incontext of managing travel demand, mitigating traffic congestion and reducing vehicular emission. General nonlinear road pricing charges each traveler basedon the quantity of a particular individual traffic-related attribute and couldadopt any appropriate tolling function.

Specifically, He explored the performance of the first-best nonlinear pricing, which is definedas the pricing scheme without restriction on tolling function form, tolled areaor tolled individual attribute. He also proposed an optimal tolling function design framework that is generally applicable to any nonlinear attribute-basedroad pricing. Using the distance-based pricing in linear continuous cities, Dr.He addressed two fundamental questions: i) what is the value of pricing’snonlinearity for mitigating traffic congestion? ii) if a nonlinear tolling function is implemented, should it be convex, concave or other shape?


During the lecture, the participants conducted in-depth discussionswith Dr. He on some related issues.