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Assistant Professor Jing (Elaine) Chen Shared Her Latest Research on the First BusinessAdministration Colloquium

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The first BusinessAdministration Colloquium was successfully held on 6 December 2017. Around 50faculties and students attended the event. Associate Professor Xin Wu, the Headof the Department of Leadership and Organizational Management, chaired theevent.

The BusinessAdministration Colloquium is supported by the School of Economics andManagement, and collaboratively organized by three departments of businessmanagement domain, namely, Department of Accounting, Department of Market and DigitalMarketing, and Department of Leadership and Organizational Management. Thismonthly colloquium is designed for faculties and students of SEM to betterexplore the business insights and promote the development of businessadministration discipline of SEM.

On the first event of theseries colloquium, Assistant Professor Jing (Elaine) Chen shared her latestresearch titled “Digital Leapfrogging: A Narrative Study of Social Inclusion inRural China”. This study examines a new phenomenon in rural China, that thousandsof poor rural villages are leveraging on e-Commerce to achieve “leapfrog-style”economic catch-up and poverty reduction. The study also introduces text-miningtechnologies into qualitative analysis for more solid results.



After Dr. Chen’spresentation, the audiences further made in-depth discussion upon the talk.Proferssor Tao Hua Ouyang made insightful comments on the talk, as well as theevent.