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Associate Prof. Yazhen Gong: The Mortality Impact of FineParticulate Matter in China

Publish Date: 2017/12/08 17:41:48    Hits:

On 8th December, 2017, we welcome Associate Prof. Yazhen Gong to our Bi-Week Applied Economics Colloquium.Prof.Gong delivered a talk titledas The Mortality Impact of Fine Particulate Matter in China. Associate Prof.Yazhen GONG serves as Executive Deputy Director of Department of Environmentand Resource Economics at School of Environment & Natural Resources, RenminUniversity of China. She graduated from University of British Columbia, with adoctoral degree in natural resource economics. Her research interest focuses on resource economics, with a unique preference on investigating rural natural resourcemanagement and rural development issues in China, with empiricalmicro-econometric methods and field experiment methods. The Colloquium iscoordinated by Associate Prof. Xueying Yu from School of Economics andManagement at Beihang University.

Duringthe lecture, over 40 scholars and students from the SEM were involved in discussion.They raised questions about the paper’s methodological framework and empirical strategies,which provokes further thinking on the issues from both parties.