Prof. Xianghong WANG Present a Speech for SEM Teachers and Students-Beihang University School of Economics and Management!!
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Prof. Xianghong WANG Present a Speech for SEM Teachers and Students

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On 14th December, 2017, we welcome Prof.Xianghong WANG to our series lecture on “Economics and Business”, as well as her speech on 助推消费-应RichardThaler的“Savemore tomorrow”. Xianghong WANG is Professor in the Department of Economics at Renmin University of China. She obtained Ph.Din public policy and management from Carnegie Mellon University, supervised by LindaBabcock and George Loewenstein. Her research focuses on behavioral andexperimental economics, public policy, and consumer behavior. The lecture washosted by Prof. Ying FAN, Dean of School of Economics and Management at BeihangUniversity.

Inthe following lecture, Prof. Xianghong WANG takes the main theory by Nobellaureates behavioral economist, Richard Thaler’s contribution as the backgroundand introduces the current situation of Behavior boosting method on the publicpolicy all over the world, including consumer policy.Duringand after the lecture, more than 40 scholars and students from the SEM discussedthe key points of the talk, and also raised quite a few relevant questions,which provoke further thinking on the issue from both parties.