Prof. Zhi-Yuan LIU from Southeast University Visited BUAA SEM andGave a Seminar-Beihang University School of Economics and Management!!
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Prof. Zhi-Yuan LIU from Southeast University Visited BUAA SEM andGave a Seminar

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Prof. Zhi-Yuan Liu from school oftransportation, Southeast University visited BUAA SEM and gave a seminar, “Optimizationanalysis and modeling of urban multimode public transport system”, on 21thDecember, 2017. Prof. Qiong Tian chaired this seminar. Other participants were Prof.Ren-Yong Guo, Prof. Tieqiao Tang, Prof. Tian-Liang Liu, Prof. Chen-Lan Wang andpostgraduate students of SEM.

Firstly, Prof. Liu introduced theconcept of multimodal transport system, then used the game theory to analyzethe participants' decision-making behavior under the different goals andasymmetric information situation. Through the discussion of interactionmechanism between the main participants, including the government managementdepartments, public transport companies and passengers, theory-oriented designbased on the tripartite game model is established. Finally, Prof. Liu analyzed passengerbehavior and demand of strategic management, and proposed the concept of willingnessboard, which can accurately analyze the real-time capacity of the bus or thesubway vehicles.

After Prof. Liu’s talk, heanswered teachers’ and students’ questions. This seminar is fruitful, and willbe helpful for our modeling of public transportation problem in the future.

Bio: Prof. Zhi-Yuan Liu, includedin the national "Youth One Thousand Plan", and "Double Talent "in Jiangsu Province. Prof. Liu graduatedfrom the department of civil engineering, national university of Singapore for adoctor's degree in 2011.His primary research interests are inthe areas of traffic network modeling, data analysis, and public transportation.