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Associate Prof. Ning LI:Social Network Perspectives in Organizational Research: Past, Present and Future

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On10th January, 2018, we welcome Associate Prof. Ning LI to our series lecture on“Economics and Business”, as well as his speech on Social Network Perspectivesin Organizational Research: Past, Present and Future. Ning LI is an AssociateProfessor with tenure and Pioneer Research Fellow in the Department ofManagement and Organizations at The University of Iowa. His current researchinterests include big data in management, team collaboration, social networkanalysis, team leadership, citizenship behaviors, and proactive phenomena inorganizations. His work appeals in many top-tiermanagement and psychology journals as the Academy of Management Review,Academy of Management Journal, and has been reported by Harvard BusinessReview, Forbes, and INC. In 2015, he received Early Career Research Award fromTippie College of Business, the University of Iowa. He is currently aneditorial board member at Journal of Applied Psychology and Journalof Organizational Behavior. The lecture was hostedby Assistant Prof. Kai ZHAO from School of Economics and Management at BeihangUniversity.

Inthe following lecture, Associate Prof. Ning LI synthesized various applicationsof social network analysis in organizational research in the past and discusspromising future directions of social network research such as digitalcollaboration, network change, and big data. Duringand after the lecture, more than 50 scholars and students at the field oforganizational management from BUAA SEM, Tsinghua University, Renmin Universityof China, Beijing Normal University and other universities discussed the keypoints of the talk, and also raised quite a few relevant questions,which provoke further thinking on the issue from both parties.