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Prof.Yudong QI:The Mode for the Market Reform inMonopoly Industries

Publish Date: 2018/01/16 17:05:39    Hits:

On 16th January, 2018, we welcome Prof.Yudong QItoour series lecture on “Economics and Business”, as well as his speech on TheMode for the Market Reform in Monopoly Industries. Yudong QI is a Professor inthe School of Economics and Management at Beijing Normal University. He hascultivated more than 120 postdoctoral student, doctoral students andpostgraduate students, and has also lead 4 national social science fund majorand key projects. 9 influential academic works and more than 150 papers havebeen published. The lecture was hosted by Prof. Liyan HAN from School ofEconomics and Management at Beihang University.

In the following lecture, Prof. Yudong QI has detailed analyzed the developmentprocess of the market form in monopoly industries.Duringand after the lecture, more than 40 scholars and students from BUAA SEM discussedthe key points of the talk with Prof. Qi, and also raised quite a few relevant questions,which provoke further thinking on the issue from both parties.