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Assistant Professor Chenxi Li Shared Her Latest Research on the Second Event of Business Administration Colloquium

Publish Date: 2018/03/28 11:26:52    Hits:

The second event of Business Administration Colloquium was successfully held on 27 March 2018. Around 40 faculties and students attended the event. Associate Professor Jinsong Huang, the Head of the Department of Digital Marketing, chaired the event.

On the second event of the series colloquium,Assistant Professor Chenxi Li shared her latest researches titled“MarketingStrategy: Negative Effect of Price Promotion and New Product Recommendation”.With the rapid growth of digital technologies, traditional marketing strategycan’t meet customer’s needs well and may lead to marketing strategies failures.Chenxi Li and her coauthors explored the effectiveness of price promotion andnew product recommendation by two research projects. By analyzing secondarydata and conducting field experiment, they pointed out the negative effect ofprice promotion and new product recommendation and raised related marketingstrategies as well.

After Dr. Li’s presentation, the audiencesfurther made in-depth discussion upon the talk.