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The seminar for the projects of “Baiyou” and Harvard case was held on March 30th

Publish Date: 2018/04/02 11:22:58    Hits:

On March 30th, the case research center of SEM Beihang held a meeting for the projects of “Baiyou” and Harvard case submissions. Nearly 30 faculty members of SEM Beihang and 3 representatives from the Ministry of Education Degree Center attended the meeting. During the meeting, Prof. Ouyang Taohua shared her thoughts on how to choose topics and elements for “Baiyou” cases. Prof. Han Xiaoting discussed the differences between “Baiyou” cases and Harvard cases. In the meantime, the case research center also communicated with the attended faculty members about issues of the schedules of the two projects as well as the use of Harvard cases. This meeting has further encouraged faculty members of SEM to participate in both projects.

The submission system for “Baiyou” cases will be open between May 11thto May 20th. The first discussion of Harvard case will be held onMay 28th. The case research center thereby invites all the facultymembers of SEM to join both projects, continuing the advantage of SEM in casedevelopment and case teaching.