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Assistant Professor Kai Zhao Shared His Latest Research on the Fourth Event of Business Administration Colloquium

Publish Date: 2018/05/23 17:26:12    Hits:

The fourth event of Business Administration Colloquium was successfully held on 23 May 2018. Around 40 faculties and students attended the event. Associate Professor Xin Wu, the Head of the Department of Leadership and Organization Management, chaired the event.

In the research seminar, Assistant Professor Kai Zhao shared his latest research titled “Is a creative leader always helpful? Exploring the relationships among leader creativity, follower creativity, and team performance.” He pointed that in the field of organization management, abundant research focused on theantecedents and outcomes of employee creativity at the workplace; however,little attention has been paid to leader’s creativity. Recently, few studies found that leader creativity can enhance follower creativity through the mechanism of social learning. In contrast, drawing on the theoretical perspective of social loafing, Kai Zhao and his coauthors proposed a competing argument: in the condition of high levels of power distance (i.e., Chinese company), themore creative the leader, the more dependent the followers, and then, the fewer creative efforts they will invest at work, which may lead to low creative performance of the followers. Meanwhile, Kai Zhao further discussed the contingent relationships between leader creativity and team performance, and between follower creativity and team performance from the perspective of team power distance.

After Dr. Zhao’s presentation, the audiences further discussed with Dr. Zhao upon theresearch issues related to contents, backgrounds, and methods.