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Prof. Ludovic LECLERCQ atUniversity of Lyon Visited BUAA SEM and Gave a Lecture

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On 11th June,2018, in Room A716 of the New Main Building, Prof. Ludovic LECLERCQ atUniversity of Lyon, was invited to make a lecture on “Monitoring and ModellingTraffic at large Urban Scale: the contribution of Macroscopic FundamentalDiagrams”. The lecture was hosted by Prof. Hai-jun Huang. More than 20 peopleattended, including professors and students from BeihangUniversity, North China University of Technology, and Beijing University ofCivil Engineering and Architecture. 

This talkconsists of three parts. The first part is about the concept of MFD itself andthe presentation of existing estimation methods using different data sources.The second part is about modelling traffic dynamics by partitioning a city inmultiple aggregate reservoirs. In particular, a recent trip-based approach ispresented: within a road network that defines an urban area all vehicle speedsare driven by a simple behavioral rule, the MFD, while each vehicle traveldistances are individualized. This formulation overcomes some limitations ofthe classical accumulation-based MFD model for simulation purpose but suffersalso from some limitations. A complete review of both approaches is presented toconclude that the best option is to combine them into an single hybridapproach. The last part of this talk presents a new data-driven approach tocapture urban traffic dynamics at large-scale. 3D speed maps that provide aquick overview of the daily traffic congestion patterns are derived fromclustering link speed information. It is shown that, surprisingly, a very fewconsensual patterns are sufficient to capture the day-to-day congestionvariability at large urban scale. This approach paves the way for veryefficient real-time travel time estimation methods. An example is providedbased on data collected in the city of Amsterdam.

During thereport, the participants conducted in-depth discussions with Prof. LudovicLECLERCQ on the related issues.

Dr. Ludovic Leclercq is a Professor at IFSTTAR (The French Institute of Science and Technology devoted to Transport,Planning and Networks) and is affiliated to the University of Lyon. He receivedhis engineering and master degrees in Civil Engineering in 1998, his PhD in2002 and his habilitation thesis (HDR) in 2009. He is currently deputy directorof the LICIT laboratory and head of a research group about traffic modeling andanalysis. He served as scientific councilor for IFSTTAR in the field of“Analysis and innovation for sustainable and responsibletransport and mobility”between2009 and 2015. His research interests correspond to multiscale and multimodaldynamic traffic modeling and the related environmental externalities.Smart cities, mobility as a service, sustainable and reliabletransportation systems are some of the applications his researches aretargeting. He is a member of the editorial board of Transportation Researchpart B, CACAIE, and the Journal of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles, the committee“Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics”ofthe TRB, the international advisory committee of ISTTT and is associate editorof Transportmetrica B and the Journal of Advanced Transportation. He hasco-authored 56 publications in top peer-reviewed journals, has supervised 7 PhDand is currently supervising 6 PhD students. In 2015, he was awarded the mostprestigious research grant in Europe, i.e. an ERC consolidator grant in SocialScience and Humanities.