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Assistant Prof.Suxiu Yu: The Role of Contingent CapitalStructure in Signaling and Information Disclosure

Publish Date: 2018/06/22 17:13:49    Hits:

On 22th June, 2018, we welcome Assistant Prof. Suxiu Yuto our Bi-Week Applied Economics Colloquium.Dr.Yu delivered a talk titled as The Role of Contingent Capital Structure in Signaling and Information Disclosure. She obtained her Ph.D. in Toulouse School of Economics. She conducts research inthe area of corporate finance, banking, information economics, contract theory.The Colloquium is coordinated by Associate Prof. Hua Zhong from School of Economics and Management at Beihang University.  

During the lecture, over 20 scholarsand students from the SEM were involved in discussion. They raised questionsabout the paper’s methodological framework and empirical strategies, whichprovokes further thinking on the issues from both parties.