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The Seminar on the Development of Business Administration Discipline Held in SEM

Publish Date: 2018/07/04 10:32:22    Hits:

On July 2, our school held a seminar discussing the development strategy of Business Administration Discipline. This seminar mainly focused on the future development strategy of business administration discipline, talent introduction, the construction of teachers, the direction of scientific research and the development path. Dean and Professor Fan Ying presided over this meeting. At this meeting, more than 20 teachers, such as Ouyang Taohua, Zhang Mingli, Yang Meiying, Zhou Ning, Huang Jinsong and Wu Xin, from the Department of digital marketing, the Department of leadership and organization management and the Department of accounting, participated in the discussion. The professors discussed the situation of the development of the business administration, the mechanism of talent introduction, the construction of the research team and the construction of the teaching system. Pro. Fan concluded the opinions and suggestions put forward by teachers. At the same time, Pro. Fan also put forward comprehensive and specific requirements and expectations for the future development of business administration, and said that our school will provide greater support for the development of business administration discipline.

Correspondent:Yao Tang