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Professor Long Jiancheng from Hefei University of Technology: Research Progress on Urban Dynamic Traffic Assignment

Publish Date: 2018/07/13 10:30:39    Hits:

On the afternoon of July 8, Professor Jiancheng Long from Hefei University of Technology was invited to visit our department and gave an academic report titled “Research Progress on Urban Dynamic Traffic Assignment” in the new main building A716. Professor Qiong Tian, Professor Tieqiao Tang, Associate Professor Tianliang Liu, Dr. Chenlan Wang, and more than 30 students from the School of Economics and Management and School of Transportation attended the academicreport.

Atthe report, Prof. Long started with the two questions of “What is DynamicTraffic Assignment (DTA)” and “Why should I study dynamic traffic assignment?”,summarizing the current research status, focus and challenges of dynamic traffic assignment. Professor Long introduced four parts of the research,including 1) dynamic road segment/path travel time function; 2) modeling andsolving dynamic traffic assignment problem; 3) simulation of pedestrian escapein large public places; 4) taxi dynamics traffic allocation problem. In the modeling and solving part of traffic assignment problem, the report introducesin detail the dynamic traffic assignment based on intersection flow direction, departuretime selection based on dynamic user-optimal path, and optimal dynamic trafficassignment based on road segment.

ProfessorLong's rigorous argumentation, profound knowledge and wonderful reports have enabled the teachers and students to get to the forefront of the research progress in the field of transportation. The teachers and students seriously studied the essence of the report, further broadened the academic horizon, and interacted with Professor Long in the questioning session. Finally, Professor Qiong Tianthanked Professor Jiancheng Long on behalf of our department and this reportended in the applause of teachers and students.

About there porter: Jiancheng Long, distinguished Professor of “Huangshan Young Scholars”,is from Hefei University of Technology. He is doctoral supervisor,winner of “Outstanding Youth Science Fund of National Natural Science Foundation”, young scholar of “the Yangtze River Scholars Program” of the Ministry of Education, and new century talent of the Ministry of Education. Hismain research directions are urban dynamic traffic assignment theory and method, urban traffic congestion propagation modeling and analysis, and urban traffic organization optimization and management.