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Prof. Zhe Liang:Research on Large-scale Combinatorial Optimization and its Application

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On the afternoon of July 8, Prof.Zhe Liang of Tongji University invited by Prof. Qiong Tian visited our school and gave an academic report titled“Research on Large-scale Combinatorial Optimization and its Application”in A716 of the New Main Building. Professor Qiong Tian, Professor Tieqiao Tang, Associate Professor Tianliang Liu, and more than 20 teachers and students from School of Economics and Management and School of Transportation attended the report.

Based on the back ground of aviation operation management, Prof. Zhe Liang introduced flight delay factors and corresponding research issues, and reported the research results of four topics.

The first is "SwirlSpace-time Network Model to Solve the Aircraft Maintenance Path Problem".This study builds a network flow-based model, swirl space-time network model, based on the traditional flight line model and characterizes the complex problem using the network. The model can quickly find the optimal solution of theworld's largest practical problem. The second is “Study on Flight Schedule Problem of Busy Routes”. Based on practical problems, a two-dimensional modelof space and time is proposed. This model optimizes flight schedulessimultaneously in both time and space. It is a continuous time model with higher precision and larger capacity. The model also considers the multi-objective optimization of delays and fuel consumption and the fairnessbetween airlines, which is more realistic than the traditional model. The third is the “Large-scale Flight Recovery Model”. It constructs a flight recoverymodel that considers flights, aircrafts and passengers at the same time. Based on the actual situation in China, the concept of aircraft maintenance flexibility is proposed, and a column production algorithm is proposed to quickly solve large-scale actual problems. The fourth is "The Study of Airport Personnel Scheduling Problems". The corresponding mathematical programming model is established and skillfully solved. A heuristic algorithmis proposed to find the optimal solution in a short time.

Professor Zhe Liang's clear and deep report has benefited everyone. Finally, the participating teachers and students had discussions with Professor Zhe Liang on specific issues such asalgorithm design and air transportation. The report concluded successfully in awarm atmosphere.

Speaker’s introduction:

Zhe Liang is currently aprofessor at School of Economics and Management of Tongji University. He got a bachelor’s degree from Computer Engineering Department at the National University of Singapore, got a master’s degree from the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the National University ofSingapore, and got a doctor’s degree from the Department of Industrial Engineering at the State University of New Jersey. Hisresearch focuses on large-scale portfolio optimization in logistics andtransportation, especially in aviation operations management. He has publishedone English book and more than 20 papers. His published magazines include INFORMS Journal on Computing, Transportation Science, and TransportationResearch Part B. He has received funding from the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Outstanding Youth Fund.