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Dr. Jin Xu: Networks in Conflict: A Variational Inequality Approach

Publish Date: 2018/12/03 10:41:30    Hits:

On 30 November, 2018, we welcomed the speaker Dr.Jin Xu from Shandong University. He is Associate Professor of Operations Research at the School of Mathematics. His research interest focuses on Strategic interactions in networks and their implications on firms' operational decision making.

In the seminar, Dr. Xu presented his last research “Networksin Conflict: A Variational Inequality Approach”, which studies a contest gameamong players fighting in a nexus of conflicts, showing that the set of purestrategy Nash equilibria is nonempty and convex, and provides equivalent characterizations using techniques from Variational Inequality (VI).

More than 20 teachers and students of the School of Economics and Management have participated in the seminar and discussed the study with Dr. Xu. We are looking forward to the Bi-Week Applied Economics Colloquium next week.