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Prof. Yang Liu: Integratedoptimization of charging facility deployment and vehicle management forelectric car-sharing systems

Publish Date: 2019/07/05 18:52:20    Hits:

On the morning of July 3, Prof. Yang Liu at National University of Singapore wasinvited to give a talk, titled“Integrated optimizationof charging facility deployment and vehicle management for electric car-sharingsystems”, in Room A716 ofthe new main building. More than 20 students attendedthisseminar. 

In this seminar, Prof. Liu introduced electric car-sharing systems. Sheinvestigates an integrated optimization problem which determines the long-termfacility deployment plan at the strategic level (e.g., the sizing and theconfigurations of charging stations), while the vehicle assignments, chargingand relocation decisions in the short term are also optimized at theoperational level. A two-stage stochastic integer program is formulated tocapture the demand uncertainty, and a multi-layer time-space-battery networkflow model is constructed for tracking battery states and determining theoptimal operational decisions. She proposed a two-phase benders decompositionalgorithm for solving the integrated problem. Numerical results show thatsolution approach can significantly improve the efficiency of bendersdecomposition. Extensive experiments indicate that deployment of both fastcharging and normal charging infrastructure can improve system performance suchas system profit, level of service, and facility utilization.

Afterthe lecture, Prof. Liu conducted further discussions with the audience. Thelecture has been widely welcomed by the audience.

Dr.Yang Liu is jointly appointed as an Assistant professor in the Department ofCivil and Environmental Engineering and the Department of Industrial SystemsEngineering and Management at National University of Singapore. She receivedher B.S. from Tsinghua University, MPhil from Hong Kong University of Scienceand Technology and Ph.D. from Northwestern University. Previously, Dr. Liu workedas a consultant at Cambridge Systematics and provided modeling expertise topublic agencies such as Chicago Department of Transportation. Dr. Liu'sresearch covers various topics in the areas of travel demand and congestionmanagement, ridesharing and carsharing systems operations and design, resilientsupply chains, urban logistics, and information provision in risky networks.Her work has been published in the major journals in transportation area,including Transportation Research Part A: Policy, Transportation Research PartB: Methodological, and Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies.Currently, she serves as a member on the editorial advisory board ofTransportation Research Part C. She is a member of IEEE ITS Education Committee,a member of Transpiration Research Board Committee on Emerging and InnovativePublic Transport and Technologies (AP020), and a member of InternationalScientific Committee (ISC) of Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies(EASTS).