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Prof. Yuhong Yang on Summer Curriculum

Publish Date: 2019/07/16 16:39:39    Hits:

On July 8, 2019, the summer curriculum of the Economics and Business Research Institute(IEB)has started. Prof.Yuhong Yang from School of Statistics in University of Minnesota has been invited to give a course named Linear Model Theory and Applications in High Dimension Learning from July 9th to 19th. The summer course is one of the important platforms for IEB to promote the development of its internationalized disciplines. The summer curriculum program was launched in 2017. Each year about 5 world-class university professors were invited tointroduce the frontiers and developments in their research fields.

Prof.Yang received his Ph.D. in statistics from Yale University. He is Directorof Graduate Department. He is a fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Associate Editor of the Annals of Institute of Statistical Mathematics and also Statistics Surveys; His researchis mainly in the areas of model selection and model combination, high-dimensional data analysis, predictive combinations, personalized medical statistics, etc..

The Linear Model Theory and Applications in High Dimension Learning course systematically introduces the basic theory of linear models, especially from the perspective of by not relying on coordinates to deduce the most important estimation and testing methods & theories, so that students can have a more visualized understanding of geometry and establish theoretical basis of algebraic operation, and also can learn how linear model theory is applied in high-dimensional data analysis,including optimal estimation theory, model selection and confidence set of variable selection.