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Prof. Min Dai on Summer Curriculum

Publish Date: 2019/07/16 16:50:24    Hits:

On July 8, 2019, the summer curriculum of the Economics and Business Research Institute(IEB)has started. Prof.Min Dai from the Department of Mathematics at the National University of Singapore has been invited to give a course named Selected Topics in FinTech from July 8th to 12th. The summer course is one of the important platforms for IEB to promote the development of itsinternationalized disciplines. The summer curriculum program was launched in 2017. Each year about 5 world-class university professors were invited tointroduce the frontiers and developments in their research fields.

Prof.Dai is an internationally renowned expert in quantitative finance. He currently works at the Department of Mathematics of the National University of Singapore and is director of Quantitative Finance Center,responsible for the Quantitative Finance Master Program. His research is mainly in the areas of pricing of financial derivatives, portfolio design in incomplete markets, and financial technology. He has published articles in several international authoritative journals of mathematics, finance and management. He is a member of several international academic journals, such as JEDC, SIFIN, MAFE, etc..

The Selected Topics in FinTech course introduces several important topics in the field of FinTech, including deep learning-based risk management, data-driven consumer credit, stable coin design and pricing, bitcoin mining economy model and smart investment, etc..It is a good opportunity for teachers and students in our school to understand the latest research progress of financial technology.